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At BKT, we’re branching out! Here, you can discover our new range of BKT Tracks – and learn why they are fit for purpose for your vehicle.

What is the difference between tracks and tires? Well, a rubber track is essentially a system, rather than a singular item: it propels your vehicle forward through a continuous band of treads, driven by two or more wheels, plus track rollers. This allows them to distribute weight differently, which makes tracks more apt for certain tasks and terrains.

So, why BKT Tracks? The overall advantages of rubber tracks include enhanced productivity and performance, perfectly designed for your tractors to run at higher speeds at the same power. As we strive towards our sustainable goals, this level of fuel efficiency is a welcome window into a greener future.

Always on the right track

Meet AGRIFORCE BK T71: our brand-new rubber track series for high-power tractors. If general tillage and row crop are your tractor’s applications, this is the track for you! AGRIFORCE BK T71 bestows the perfect balance of high dimensional stability and flexibility upon your tractor, ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride, and extraordinary durability across all the seasons.

High-Power Tractor
Row Crop Soil Tillage
Farming tracks have no metal core, a feature that improves flexibility especially on wet and soft soil. The overall advantages of rubber tracks are enhanced productivity and performance since track-driven tractors can run at higher speeds at the same power and show improved fuel efficiency.
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